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How do you look when you’re on ZOOM?

Most of us have been attending several ZOOM™ meetings a week, probably giving little thought to the perception of our appearance to the other participants of the meetings. Maybe we thought this pandemic would be over in few weeks. or we didn’t want to discommode ourselves to research, shop, and pay for lighting, backdrops, screens, and/or a video cam with higher definition output.

Even with the vaccine, ZOOM™ meetings will be the new normal for the foreseeable future. Please click on the button below to see the difference between using a screen versus my actual background, and the added visual value a small LED light can provide. Please call/text 832-819-2147 to discuss.

Are all Headshots the same?

No….many corporate headshots are captured using one light source. an umbrella or a medium softbox. That leaves a lot to be desired in defining a persons’ features. The three-light system is the time-honored classic method to portray a subject. That’s the lighting…. The next components are wardrobe, followed by body language, smile, or not, and coaching the subject to engage the camera and lens. Click below to send me questions you might have about updating your headshot.


Location Photography – remote- urban- corporate. Images to show people at work, equipment, testing, and HSE. HD video B-Roll, or with audio available.


Product Photography at your location or (small products) mine. I can provide photo styling, clipping paths, image composites, focus stacking, and more. Please call/text 832-819-2147 to discuss.



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