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Training With Sylvester


Learn how to take photos even if you are not a photographer

It’s Really All About YOU!


In your corporation, are writers taking your photographs? Up-level your team’s skillset with professional, on site training that will transform the quality and creativity of their output from barely usable to “Wow!”

Are you a small business owner who sells products on the web and wants to control costs? I can show you how to set up a repeatable process for capturing quality images!

Are you a graphic artist or web designer whose clients don’t provide product or event photos and they expect you to take them?

Are you an individual photo enthusiast/hobbyist who wants to take better, higher quality pictures for your own collection or Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter accounts?

Get out of your wishful thinking rut. Let me show you not only how to take better pictures but how to make the most of every click and take your photography quality to the next level. I can also coach you on starting your own photography business.

• Customized Content, tailored to your specific needs

• Recommendations regarding cameras, lenses, hardware and software.

• Evaluation of current workflow

• Recommendations re:”Little Gems” of information that will significantly improve the quality and composition of images.

Situations that may need professional photography training:

• Employees who are part of Project Management, Marketing Communications or Corporate Communications team. These are brand evangelists who are responsible for providing images for newsletters, social media marketing, corporate websites, or intranet applications.

• Industrial Manufacturing for one-of-a-kind products (such as valves, etc.) for documentation and marketing of products.

• Jewelers or manufacturers of stones, metals, gems, belts, sunglasses, glassware, china, vases, serviceware, and other challenging items for e-commerce websites that require the images to show the product accurately regarding lighting, shadows and contrast.

• HR Departments who require quality images of their personnel and business environment.

All on site training is catered to the specific needs of your organization.

Sylvester Garza bases each coaching assignment on your corporate story and his expert evaluation of your current level of growth at the initial consultation. Having your people trained to use simple, repeatable techniques will improve not only your presentation and branding materials but the perception of your company by your target audience. Sylvester Garza has the photography knowledge, people skills and the passion to make the educational process enjoyable as well as effective.