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Corporate Headshots – Branding Photoshoot

Executive Portrait and headshot photography is an art. The photographic technical skills of lighting & lens selection have to be second nature. Interacting with the subject, an eye for detail . . . patience and flexibility . . . creativity and imagination . . . and good people skills are paramount. The reward for me is helping the subject look their absolute best. I am passionate about that.

I give special attention to body language, camera angles, and elements within the scene and I utilize tethered shooting to create a collaborative environment with my subjects. That allows them to be comfortable and visually express who they really are.

Ask about corporate headshots at your location. I set up a background & lighting in a conference room or common area. This allows me to provide studio-style or environmental headshots at your location.

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Commercial Photography

Commercial photography Is demanding. From real-time client revisions to weather fluctuations for outdoor assignments to arranging travel to remote areas. Technical photography skills need to be so ingrained as to be automatic. The digital workflow demands attention to detail, consistency, and concentration. Combined, the two factors will contribute to a successful shoot.

My services include still photography to support:

Executive Portraits
Business Headshots
Corporate Groups
Product Photography
Industrial Capabilities
Corporate/Investor Relations

I also provide HD video services
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Group Photography

Large groups of people can be very difficult to photograph. Even when you stagger people and set up the first row for seated subjects, the limit is about three rows for individual facial recognition.

I’ve got years of experience composing group shots and use ladders, fork lifts, scissor lifts, photo risers and other tools to make your group shot look fabulous!  Click here for sample

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Industrial Photography

I always put safety first. I make sure to implement all the safety requirements specific to the respective industrial setting. Industrial and remote Location Photography is all about capturing the capabilities, action, and essence of industries and workplaces. It involves taking photos in challenging environments like factories and oil fields. I’m here to bring your industrial and remote location photography needs to life with skill and a keen eye for detail. Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Images in manufacturing settings, showing capabilities, processes, and people that make it happen.
  • Offshore and land-based oil production, from the drilling floor to pipelines to the control rooms.
  • I can make images of Industrial products like valves or machinery, look fabulous!
  • Travel to remote locations to get those unique shots you need, whether it’s an isolated construction site or a distant facility.

Services Include:

Offshore & land-based oil production
Illustration of Industrial services
Industrial products – valves, etc
Remote locations

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Still Life & Product Photography

Product photography is a skill that requires knowledge of studio lighting techniques, and an intimate understanding of the reflective nature of some items, especially metallic, glass, or reflective circular items. My expertise includes some of the most difficult to photograph items, like jewelry & watches.

I can provide the following at your location or in my studio:

– Model shots: White background shots of a model wearing or using your products

– Individual Shots: Shots of your products on a white background

– Detailed shots: Close up / Macro views to highlight specific product features

Group shots: Groups of products showcased together

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Food Photography

Creating intrinsically beautiful, images of food is one of my passions.

I love to make the food, beverages, and desserts look mouthwatering and irresistible. I do this utilizing studio lighting at your location. Tethered shooting to my laptop, allow me to create a collaborative environment. This allows the client & me to preview the images in real-time, and make critical adjustments to placement, camera angle, and lighting.

That means the perfect shot, every time!

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About Sylvester Garza

I am a commercial photographer based in Houston, Texas. I routinely travel to Sugar Land, Humble, League City, The Woodlands, and other locations within the state of Texas and beyond.

My goal is to create world-class images for clients that appreciate the best! I am passionate about photography, lighting, composition, posing, body language, and shooting tethered to my laptop!

Most of my photo shoots are on location. This includes oil & gas, business & consumer, on-location headshots, group photography, industrial subjects & products, investor relations, and corporate communications.

With many years of experience, I will partner with you to help tell your story; Together let’s showcase your people, products & services.

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Corporate, Commercial, Industrial, On-site Headshots, Products, Food, Architecture, Group Shots


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